Teen/Adult Classes

This class is designed for those who want to develop their acting skills and confidence in a supportive environment. Learn to engage your body, voice and imagination through a variety of improvisation games, acting exercises and scripted materials.
Those who are preparing for specific auditions may choose to work on audition material during class time. Small class size allows for plenty of individual coaching and feedback. All levels are welcome.

Saturday afternoons (start 8/25) – 1:30-3:00pm (email to confirm time)
Wednesday afternoons (start 8/22) – 2:30-3:45pm (email to confirm time)
Please indicate your scheduling preference on this registration form.
Pay-per-class: $15
Instructor: Jaclyn Loewenstein

PRIVATE COACHING w/ Jaclyn Loewenstein
$30/half hour; $55/hour; $150/3 hours
~Audition Preparation – Improve your chances of winning the roles you want!
~Acting Technique – Develop your skills and versatility as an actor for stage or screen
~Public Speaking Skills for Academics & Professionals – Become a more confident, dynamic communicator

These workshops are custom designed for your group or team of co-workers, colleagues or friends. May be focused on improvisation games for team-building/creativity or exercises to develop confidence with presentation skills.  Rates vary depending on group size and length of workshop.

Email Jaclyn Loewenstein or call 217-689-1493 for more information.